I saw a Yamaha piano at Viennese Ball, and was really tempted to just start playing something, to start doodling around like I used to in the old days.  I didn’t, and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have, but it would be nice to sit down again sometime, with a nice piano, and just play around with the notes.  I’m now firmly an electronic producer, and the songs that I make that way are more beautiful than anything else, but there is still something really cool about just having your fingers “speak” the music themselves.  You’re more connected to the music, in a way, I guess.

It’s a shame…I realized last night, I think, that the reason I post so much less here nowadays is not because I have less thoughts, but rather, because I have thoughts that I would rather not share.  What changed?  Maybe the subject of some of the thoughts is different…maybe it’s just that things are more personal now, so I can’t have the wrong people reading them.  And even if I have strong opinions on something, maybe it’s better to just leave that unsaid and unspoken.

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