Somehow I feel this nagging sense of IMPENDING DOOM or something.  And I don’t mean the 2012 thing.  I think I’ve just got too many things on my mind.  Being sick, work xmas party, Ludum Dare, drawing due Thursday, FF6 google+ hangout, FL remix gauntlet on OCR, Ludum Dare prep, work stuff, xmas present deliveries, shopping?, sewing machine, school loans, 9-bit winter album, collab project…

I don’t know if the right thing to do is to just not think about anything and clear my mind, or to knock things out so that I can feel more composed.  I guess it’s not as simple as either one of those, but more like both.  I think my plate is just more heavy than I would like to stand…I need to either clear some things away or actually eat them.


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