I am resolving that sometime “soon”, I will make happy music.  Like, upbeat and happy.  Not like happy hardcore happy, or polka happy, but happy like she music house music happy, or Heart Beats happy.  I’ve made stuff that’s “chill happy” (Happy working, Chillin), and stuff that’s “euphoric” (The Ecstasy of Life, Pixel By Pixel), and stuff that’s “slow happy” (Fractale, Pastorale), but not anything that’s like, cool awesome upbeat jazzy housey happy.  And I’m still just using these minor chords =everywhere=.  I use minor 7ths =everywhere=.  That’s why she music and all this housey stuff is so cool to me–there’s all these inverted major 7ths and suspensions and just, really housey chords that are so cool.  And the notes are less constant, less smooth, less constant-arp-y and more stabby and staccato-y.  Yeah.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb2DLX3b4jY is sort of close, I guess.  Which makes sense, since I was half-trying to replicate the she music chiphouse style there.


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