Christmas letters 2012: 36 down, 4 more to go. :)  This is the first year ever where I’m slated to finish ahead of schedule.  I suppose it means I can actually go a little past 40.  I usually do, actually, but maybe I won’t.  I feel like any of the bonus ones I write past 40 wouldn’t really be as meaningful…I think I’ve already written to most everybody I want to.  If I have extra time left over, I should be spending it on other letters…I have one or two December birthdays coming up, for example, and then also some other letter projects that I want to do very soon.

I’m also at 643 letters total, and what’s more–I’ve finally hit 0.325 letters/day average again!  I never thought I’d see that number again, but lo and behold, I’ve done it!  I really haven’t lost it at all, have I? :)


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