I wonder if it’s more difficult to get used to a relationship where both people are “equal” rather than one deferring to the other.  I feel like I already wrote about this before at some point, but whatever.  Anyways, maybe most people are actually just more used to “normal” relations than I am.  I think it has to deal with my ISFJ-type thinking of separating out the world into two neat areas, one inside my comfort bubble and the other outside of it.  So for any subject that I’ve decided to be outside of my “realm”, it’s much easier to just defer and assume that I’m much “lesser”.

Even in things that -are- inside of my “domain”, though, it’s easier for me to either act like I’m superior, or inferior, I notice.  I think it’s a sign of my immaturity that I can’t just push aside those two absolutes and just face up to the fact that it’s not like that.  It’s something that requires you to get over the fear of being wrong or making mistakes.  Ah, there’s that fear again…I keep on finding it everywhere in my life.

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