Well, let’s see.

This weekend, I…

  • Wrote 4 Christmas letters, bringing me to 30
  • Practiced Taiji for the first time in forever!  Quite out of shape, but felt good anyways.  Yay stretching!
  • Ate bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, grapes, vitamins!  Flossed too
  • Started writing in my diary every night before bed
  • Worked on a collab music song
  • Chatted with friends, both via phone and online
  • Walked in the rain
  • Finished watching an amazing anime! (Princess Tutu), and started watching another (Ano Hana)
  • Watered onee-chan’s plant
  • Did a drawing
  • Processed some more music, including the entirety of Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, which came out just recently

And now I’m finishing off by going to bed (after writing in my diary), pretty tired since I woke up before noon and didn’t take any naps.  Will get a full 8 hours of sleep and then be ready to go at 8:30 AM!

Of course, there’s still some more things that I didn’t get around to.  For example, though I did do a drawing, I didn’t do my weekly OHC theme-based drawing.  And I still have like 5 more =non=-Christmas letters that I need to write, among others.  I didn’t fix LoopMuse either, so that’s still broken on OSX. (argh)  And I didn’t catch up on work from Friday.

All in all though, I think it’s pretty safe to call this a success.

Also, not going to be at FNW for Black Friday (nor am I going shopping), but if all goes well, I’ll have some new waltz variations under my belt two weeks from now, from a “secret source” (which actually isn’t as secret as it sounds).  Haven’t added anything new to my vocab in -quite- some time, so that should be interesting if it ends up happening.


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