Omg, so many letters I want to write!  Not only are there Christmas letters, but I’m firing off letters to Kitty, and I want to write one to S, and then I also want to start doing Awesome List induction letters of some sort!  I can even do backlogged ones too!  Though…I don’t know if I want to do 48 of them (yes!  We’re up from 46!).  That’s a lot…even more than xmas letters!  Maybe I can just do a certificate of some kind?  Hmm…I’m not sure.  Something small, yet nice, would be best.

Ahh…maybe it’s best not to do that though.  I wouldn’t be able to get it to all 48 of you, nor would I even want to try, especially seeing the state that some of our bonds (non-bonds?) are in.  And if I were to do something so official as that, I would want to do it right.  I think in order to do that, I would have to kick some people off the list, which defeats the whole entire purpose of it in the first place.

So I guess, just a personal induction notice, would be best.  Not an official thing, but just a letter to let them know, that sounds nice.  It feels kind of weird to have membership at 48 now…it’s almost 50…getting really big!  It partially feels a little bit worrisome, to be honest, in the same way that I don’t like having too many people on my flist on FB.  But at the same time, it’s actually kind of cool too, that it’s a big list.  It means that really, every single person is being remembered, even if it’s many years in the past.  And that’s how I designed the list to be, really.

There is still that one instance where I had to take someone off because they never should have been on in the first place (ah yes, the infamous Cube Girl!).  There is actually another person who I am thinking of taking off, because I really don’t think they should qualify…

In fact, I hate to do this so lightly, but I think I’m going to do that.  Sorry!  You’ve been taken off…it’s okay though, because we were never close at all, seriously.  Okay…so we’re down to 47 now.  Hopefully this is the last time that ever happens.


I was thinking to visit the FHS band kids, just for the heck of it, but I guess I probably missed my chance.  Ah well…I wouldn’t have wanted to go there alone anyways.  Would probably not be that healthy for me.  But -one of these days-, I’ll go back there.  And it’ll be okay.  Just like seeing an old ex.  I always say Band was like my first relationship anyways.  I think enough time has passed that things are okay between us now.  Hopefully.  It might be nice to at least go back and see, how it’s doing.  I don’t know if I want to really show my face that much though.  It almost feels like I really shouldn’t be there anymore.  I know that sounds wrong, considering how incredibly valuable I was at the time (people respected me so much…), but things are different now.


I know I never write about my OHC entries here anymore, but I seem to really be on a roll tonight, so let’s go with it. (I’m in a good mood, it seems!!!)

Here’s my entry:

It’s shorter than my entries have been in the past, because I decided that I’m going to try and make more focused, more well-developed entries now.  Though it’s nice to make sprawling 6-7 minute entries, I realize that so many of those really just aren’t that memorable, even though they are interesting.  And it’s closer to real songwriting if I actually try to flesh out my ideas.  I think I’ve gotten enough practice trying to streamline the process to achieve songwriting “flow”, so now I can go back and try to really detail things out a little more.

This is a start…people already said it sounded more well-developed and they like the direction I’m taking.  However, this one still isn’t very memorable, because it isn’t really that catchy.  I think it’s possible to write things that aren’t that catchy, that are still memorable, but it needs to be a certain kind of atmosphere.  Otherwise, it’s better to have melody or harmony lines that are more memorable, just like The Ecstasy of Life, which is probably my most catchy melody ever created.

So, hopefully next week, I can aim even closer towards that goal, and make something that’s more memorable.


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