Yesterday I did all the shelf decorations and wall scrolls. Today I’ve managed to put up all of the non-Sanrio posters! I managed to use up 100% of the North and East-facing walls too, so it’ll be nicely separated out. Next step is to get all of the Sanrio posters up, and then fill out all the remaining space with the rest of the decorations I have. Might even be able to finish all of this by the end of the day! Going to have to move my computer desk temporarily though, so I can have ladder access to that wall. What’s that? Yeah, I’m actually using a ladder for this process…

Changing the acoustics of my room, one decoration at a time…


Other notes…

I’m also doing a pretty good job of making sure all of the heavier posters are not so high up; that way if they fall and I need to remount them I don’t need the ladder.  Also, I still have some room for growth…my closet has two mirror-doors and I’m using the front one to put 2 wall scrolls on.  If I’m in a pinch I can put stuff on the back mirror too, though it means I…won’t have a usable mirror anymore.

Even if the South and West-facing walls aren’t enough (note that the South wall is largely taken up by my two bookshelves (which hardly have any books in them, just shelf decorations) and the window, I still have both sides of the door to take up.  And if that still isn’t enough for everything, I can start exploring other options…like the table surface, or the back wall inside the closet.  In the worst case, I can just spill over the extra decorations and bring them to work to decorate my wall space there.  Still no idea what I’m going to do about my car, which so far only has the Hello Kitty steering wheel cover and seatbelt covers, and the Little Twin Stars magnet (which fits perfectly onto my gasoline cover).

Right now all of the Hello Kitty figurines, as well as the decorative stamps, are on my desk at work.  There’s enough room for those on my shelves here though, if I decide that I want to take them back.  So things are pretty flexible.


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