I live a lot of contradictions…I’m really focused on suppressing my feelings and thoughts, yet I have an undeniable urge to express all my feelings.  I’m really shy and fragile, yet need lots of physical contact in order to survive.  I like to focus on the small picture, but not sweat the details. (actually, that last one is so generalized I feel like it can just apply to 80% of you anyways)  My atmosphere is very tranquil, yet I cry really easily and get emotional on a regular basis.  And other stuff like that.

But, I guess, everyone is sort of like that.  There’s no one who’s always serious or always joking or always happy or always cynical or always soft-spoken. (well, there probably -is-, but…)  It’s just when and how you show those sides of yourself.

I heard some guy make that point at some restaurant or coffee shop or something once.  Of course, I was rolling my eyes at him at the time, because he was framing it in the context of attracting women: it comes down to showing the right qualities at the right times.

And of course, I would never want to “get” a girlfriend like that.  The easiest way to find my someone special just for me is to show them who I really am…if they don’t like that, then, how is a relationship even going to work?


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