You know how for things like anime or manga or Touhou or whatever TV series and all that, there’s all these references that show up that only the fans really get?  I realized today while driving in the car and listening to Pixel By Pixel that it can actually be like that for music too! Though, maybe not as often, since music doesn’t usually have the same sort of continuity.  But I know that whenever I insert a line from The Ecstasy of Life, or from Pixel By Pixel, or do some megamashup or medley like Reminiscence, or something like One Hopeful Composer, only my “fans” will really get it.  Just like Undone from FX4 doesn’t have nearly the impact if you aren’t familiar with the melodies from the rest of the album.  And it wasn’t until afterwards that I learned that the ending of FX4 is the beginning of FX3…so cool!


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