“Which am I?” – Magic: The Gathering

Hoo boy.  Here’s the post I actually wanted to write, before I got sidetracked by the Starcraft/Warcraft thing.

Before I begin, let me throw out a few other “Which Am I?” questions which I can answer a lot more easily.

Which Animorph am I?  I already visited this question a long time ago, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that despite having traits of all the different characters, I’m most like Jake.  I don’t think my original ordering was right though–I think I’m more like Cassie than Marco, for instance.  But who knows–I may have been more Marco back when I wrote that 3 years ago.  I’m definitely more Cassie than Ax though.  But, definitely more Jake than anyone else.  Because Jake takes burdens upon himself and hides them.  He’s afraid to ask others for help because he’s “not allowed to”.  When I was a drum major, I felt a lot of the same things that Jake did, and dealt with a lot of it the same way, probably, I think.

Which Clannad character am I?  Yukine Miyazawa.  She serves tea in the library’s reference room.  ’nuff said.

Which Haruhi character am I?  Nagato, followed very closely by Kyon.

Which Kanon character am I?  Not Mai.  It’s a toss-up between Nayuki and Makoto.  I know I don’t seem very Makoto, but the way that she gets “paralyzed” and whimpers speaks very much to how I get when I’m in “trouble”.  Still, I might give this one to Nayuki.  Not sure though.  I haven’t gone through Nayuki’s route either so maybe I’m wrong.

Which Katawa Shoujo character am I?  Hanako.  No-brainer.

Which Simpsons family member am I?  Lisa.  No-brainer.

Which Final Fantasy class am I?  White Mage.  No-brainer.

What anime character am I?  Nitori Shuuichi.  Uhm….yeah, he basically is me.

Which Hogwarts school?  Probably Ravenclaw, though I don’t believe in all of the Ravenclaw ideals.  Kind of like how I fit in really well at Stanford despite not really believing in all of the traditional “Stanford ideals”.

What element?  Water, but Air is a close second.  Earth probably third.

Which pokemon?  Lapras, for sure!

What animal?  Maybe a turtle.  Sea tortoise, maybe?  But there’s other possible answers.

What color (as in, just color color, not MtG color): I’m not sure on this one.  I want to say gray, but I don’t know if that’s right, to be honest.  Whatever it is is a very pastel-y color.  It =could= be baby pink, but it could just as easily be something else.  I’m not 100% sure.


Okay, now that =that’s= all done with, we get back to what we’re supposed to talk about, which is Magic colors.

So what Magic color am I?  Well, first of all, let’s only consider this from a flavor perspective, and not from a gameplay perspective.  Because I think I really hate playing blue in Magic right now.  It’s because it requires too much thinking, and when I sit down to play MtG, I don’t really want to do quite that much thinking and planning.  If the game is more straightforward then it’s easier, I think.

So let’s just think about flavor.

First of all, I’m not Black.  Black is all about putting the needs of the self over the needs of others.  That’s opposite of what I want to do, because my whole philosophy is about repressing the needs of myself.  So I’m very not Black.

I don’t think I’m Red either, because I believe in controlling and supressing my emotions.  I definitely don’t let my emotions run wild and free, and I don’t like chaos.  That doesn’t mean I like =order=, like White does, but I don’t like chaos.  I think this is supposed to speak to the “J” part of my ISFJ, that I like having a “plan” (in the abstract sense).  I like knowing where I am, and staying there.  At the same time, I really do embrace emotions, despite supressing them.  That might seem contradictory, but those of you who know me well will probably understand what I’m trying to say.  I am a very emotional person, so I think that part of Red does sort of speak to me.

What about White?  White is all about rules, regulations, and structure.  I don’t really like a lot of what White stands for, because it likes everyone to be unified, and to be the same.  I think above all else, White values -the group-.  And while I value others a lot, I don’t value -the group-…instead, I value close friends, loved ones, etc.  I also like defying expectations, which I don’t think White is about.  I think White, in the end, is just too impersonal to me.  It’s like spiritualism versus religion–I don’t think religion can be for me.  That’s what I mean when I say I don’t really feel comfortable with the things that White stands for.

That just leaves Green and Blue, which I think are both interesting. (they’re also enemy colors!)

Green is all about nature.  I don’t think “nature”, in the sense that we think of it today, is something that’s very important to me.  But I think we should think of it in a more abstract sense, as in “letting things run their natural course”.  Green has sort of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, which I think speaks to me very well as an ISFJ-type.  In addition, it’s a very spiritual color.  Although Green can be very loud, noisy, and frightening, it also has creatures that sort of just roam the forests, very tranquil.  In fact, “tranquil” probably only appears in the names of Green cards.  Well, okay, maybe it shows up in a White one somewhere.  Which reminds me–angels are White, but I still don’t think I fit into White.

At the same time, Green is very instinctual, which is why it varies so wildly.  Because (like Red) it doesn’t artificially regulate its own actions and behavior, it can be very loud, very violent, very primal.  And I don’t think that’s part of me, really.

What about Blue?  Blue’s primary quest is for knowledge.  Blue just wants answers, answers, and more answers.  I know some people who definitely seem like the type to be Blue.  But am I Blue?  The problem that I have with Blue is that it wants to use knowledge in order to reshape and change things, whereas I want things to say the same (as Green does).  And I don’t have the same drive for knowledge that Blue does.  In fact, I think that ignorance can be bliss, which is a very non-Blue thing to say.  I think parts of me do fall under Blue, because I’m very contemplative, and because I like thinking (and worrying about) the long-term, and all that.  But I don’t think I’m quite in line with what they do.

Okay, so what have we concluded?  I’m -definitely- not Black.  I’m not very White or Red, though there’s a part of Red that appeals to me.  I’m part Green, probably, and Blue might have part of me.  So it’s something to do with Green, Blue, and Red?

But wait!  We’re forgetting about the 6th color!  Or well, actually, the NON-color.  Yes, let’s think about artifacts.  Now, the thing about artifacts is that any deck can use them.  You can sort of think of them as the “universal donor”, to use a blood-type analogy.  That fits very very well with me.  However, artifacts aren’t really a “color”, and they don’t actually fit into the color pie.  Plus, they’re all trinket-y and mystical, and I don’t really think that embodies me that well.  So yeah, even though colorless is kind of neat, I don’t think I have that much affinity for artifacts (funny, Green doesn’t have affinity for artifacts either…).

I’m still struggling to understand my relationship with Blue, I think.  Here’s a reference on Blue.

“Blue wants to constantly better itself to maximize its own potential. This means blue represents those qualities that collect and utilize information.”

“Blue lives by its intellect. As such, it loathes those that cannot or, even worse, will not take the time to think things through. Blue is a slow, methodical, passive color. Those that rush to action without giving proper time to think through their actions gnaw at blue’s very core.”

These really speak to me, actually.  The first speaks to the ISFJ manner of collecting experiences and knowledge around those points that you focus your life around.  The second speaks to my passive nature.

But I think, still, that Blue’s primary goal of seeking out knowledge, isn’t something I share.  I don’t really want to know everything.  I believe in hard work and dedication, but not…not really in the way that Blue just wants to know everything so that it can shape reality to whatever it wants.


I still think I’m most Green, simply because I’m focused in keeping things the way that they are.  But I think that would be closely followed by Blue, and then maybe Red.  White fourth, and the Black last because even the basic tenet is something that I’m against.

If you look at the Green/Blue guild in Ravnica, it’s the Simic Combine, which seem to be like these biomancers who want to improve upon lifeforms (yeah, that makes sense).  That….is not me, haha.

Maybe I’m just none of the colors, though.  Maybe I’m a very pastel version of one of the colors.  Maybe I’m pink?  Maybe I’m gray?  But, this was interesting anyways. :)


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