Keep on saying “ISFJ-type” even though I still like to deny that I’m not big on MB type stuff.  I just tend to use it nowadays as a sort of catch-all to describe “someone who is very much like me”…useful because ISFJ tends to embody a lot of things that “make me tick”, such as staying within your comfort bubble, repressing your own desires, etc etc. so I always like it as a descriptor because it captures a lot of things about me.

Anyways, us ISFJ-types probably tend to go through a lot of life wishing we could meet someone who has the same neverending capacity for love that we do.  People like my onee-chan always tell me that I have this really big capacity for love and that that makes me very special.  I think the thing is that as ISFJ-types we kind of set ourselves up for not meeting someone who we feel has the same capacity for love.  It’s because our tendencies kind of encourage–or at least help along–feeling that way.  We’ve always got that people-pleasing tendency so we naturally gear ourselves towards being the ones who show more love–in fact we might even feel bad if we feel like we’re not showing more love…we might get insecure about it.  So it’s like we’re keeping ourselves from what we want–which, of course, is probably one of the fundamental flaws of the ISFJ-type type.

So like, it’s never really about meeting that person who has that “magical” capacity.  Even if you meet another ISFJ-type, it might just be bad for both people.  It really isn’t about the other person at all–it’s kind of more about yourself.  You have to figure out what exactly to do with all that love and how.  You’ll figure it out, with enough time and help.  Don’t have an easy answer for you, but I think you’ll figure it out.


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