I feel like my blogging “voice” has changed.  I’m kind of wondering what it used to be and where it’s at now…

As important as it is to have good day-to-day interactions with people, it’s equally important to have things work out well when you’re at your worst.  Some of you might not actually know what my “worst” is, because only my closest friends actually see it (which is ironic, but maybe normal?).  Tenshi actually has never seen my bad side before, but everyone else in my little angel sanctuary troupe has.  Onee-chan has, though things have been pretty well in that it’s only come to bad times once.  Himeko definitely has, multiple times–sometimes when it was really terrible.  Kiki for sure as well–in fact, she was actually sort of a catalyst for it before I learned how to really deal with it (or maybe I never learned successfully, but the situation just got better).  And while it’s not exactly the best news in the world, I’m glad that Kitty has seen it now too.  Well, more importantly, she’s seen it and we got through it together really well.  I’m not sure whether that’s because I’m getting better at handling these things nowadays, or whether she’s good at dealing with it…it’s probably both, actually.

My separation anxiety/prioritization issues haven’t ever been the biggest issue, but I’m going to need to start being more conscious of those too.  Small baby steps!

Kitty isn’t really the kind of person you might expect me to be close friends with, but then again, you could say that about a bunch of my friends.  It’s kind of difficult to really pin down what makes me resonate with people in a general sense–which, is okay because of course, everyone connects with me in different ways.  Onee-chan is the most obvious though, which is why she’s my onee-chan.  But for example, the way in which Tenshi resonates with me is really super unique, and really has to deal with the interaction between our personas.  Similarly, Kiki and I share common “endpoints” but her demeanor is quite different, so it’s not obvious that we’d work well together.  You might expect ISFJ girl to be an easier point of resonance, but that’s being a bit too simplistic…you can’t just assume that I’d have good relationships with people who are the same type as myself (not to say that I don’t have a good relationship with ISFJ girl).

Anyways…………..time for sleep.


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