Work continues…it’s been going well!  I got my first paycheck, so woooo~  Had lunch with pretty hair girl yesterday, that was nice!  I have to give her a little more credit than I used to, I think…

Lost sleep again…whoops!  Not that I can say I regret it.  Still really worried about certain people…want to do something about it very soon.

I’m still writing in my diary, which is nice.  It’s all mostly the same sort of ramblings, but all the same, it’s nice to be writing in it again!

Yeah…I don’t know.  I feel like I had a bunch of stuff to write in here but somehow it doesn’t seem like I actually do.  Maybe it’s because I have a bunch of thoughts and such that I wrote in my diary and whatever, but not really stuff for you guys.

You’ll notice that I stopped my OHC postings in here.  That wasn’t really totally on purpose–mostly I just got behind on OHC stuff…as in, I’ve still been doing OHC (besides yesterday when I was busy with housing stuff instead), but not downloading the songs and not voting and not making my posts here.  I think I’m definitely going to stop the posting here, because the stuff I post about my OHC entries each week here is rather meaningless anyways.  I’ll still put any noteworthy entries up on youtube, anyways.  Dunno about the downloading and voting though.  I guess I should vote, yeah, but downloading…maybe I’ll start limiting that to only entries that are worth downloading.  Always gotta think about making the music library scalable and such.

I no longer have bad things to write about.  Well, no, I have the whole “loss of life rhythm” thing going on, which we all -hope- is temporary (though even if it is temporary it still unsettles me a bit), but none of that loneliness and depression–or, more likely, angst and frustration–stuff going on.

Well, I guess that’s not really true either.  There are times when I get random “twinges” of sadness.  Maybe not even twinges, but like vestiges.  It’s like I don’t actually -feel- the negative emotion, but I get the semblance that they are possible.  Or something like that.  It’s difficult to describe.

And yesterday I guess even though I had a pretty good day I got really anxious, due to a combination of little things and my poor mind ended up getting wayyyy more worked up about it than it should have, which I guess I couldn’t really do that much about.  Maybe it’s that time of the month? lololol…no…don’t think so.

Maybe my lifestyle is just a bit too busy at the moment (again, crossing our fingers that I’ll get less busy next month, though I hate -waiting- like that) to be conducive to the regular sort of blogging that I do.  Maybe?


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