I didn’t blog for 2 days…not that I have some commitment to blogging every day or something, but…..

So, I’ve been happy.  Really happy, in fact, as those of you who have been seeing me can tell, and some of you know all about it too.  My day has been made basically every single day for the last 2 weeks.  I haven’t been feeling lonely or sad or depressed or anything, though there was a weird interesting “twinge” of it tonight right before I left FNW (near the beginning of the last set) that I didn’t really know what to think of.

At the same time, I’ve told Kiki and others that I’m still “unsettled”…I haven’t really found my rhythm yet.  I can tell even looking at the concrete physical stuff–the fact that my nightstand and desk are messy (okay, my desk isn’t -terribly- messy or anything, but it does still have japanese yen coins on it), for instance.  It’s been like this ever since graduation, pretty much.  Which makes sense–after all, graduation was absolutely =TERRIBLE= and just sort of threw everything into arggghhhhhh.  And after that, moving back in, the trip to Japan, now work starting, etc.  And I’m still in the limbo of hoping to move out, but no place yet, so what, do I start setting up shop for reals at home?  Or just wait it out…

Actually, one of the reasons I think moving out will be good for me is because it’ll help me get my own space, with exactly what I need in it.  No extra stuff, no clutter, no “cruft” that I feel at home.  That kinda stuff makes a difference, really.

But yes, I’m not really in the rhythm of things.  I’m not really on top of things.  The scary part is I worry that I’m slipping up; letting things fall through the cracks.  I guess in all my endeavors to “not be a crazy busy college kid”, I forgot that even after school is done, I need to now worry about avoiding becoming a “working guy”.

Work itself is great.  I admit I was a little uncertain at some points, but things look to be going smoothly and I’m getting over some of the doubts I had initially.  Which is good.  I’m also 4-1 in the Magic 2013 draft tourney/league we’re doing, which is pretty awesome.

But…yeah, I should get back on top of things.  Letters, music, reading, etc etc etc.  S, I really want to reach out to you too.

Tried straightening my hair for the first time today!  I liked it a lot…maybe I’ll get it permanently straightened.  Either that or just do it like once a week, like on Fridays or something.


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