As life goes on, I start to have more legitimate answers to those “favorite” questions.  For instance, I never really had a favorite movie, until maybe Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Here’s what things look like now, I think:

Favorite movie: Brave
Favorite album: FX4
Favorite game: TGM series (closely beating out IWBTG, i think)
Favorite instrument: 2A03, or piano if that doesn’t count
Favorite dance: Waltz
Favorite anime: Nanatsuiro Drops
Favorite visual novel: Narcissu (+ Narcissu Side 2nd)
Favorite color: Pastel pink
Favorite drink: Smirnoff Ice
Favorite Sanrio character: Little Twin Stars
Favorite place: Sanrio Puroland
Favorite pen: Uni-ball Signo 0.38mm (black)

There’s still a bunch that I don’t really have though.

Favorite book: ???  Haruhi series?
Favorite food: ???  I have never been able to give a satisfactory answer for this one…

My favorite Tetris piece is probably the L block, haha.


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