Japan Day 7 – Ikebukuro

Today’s photo set

My trip seems to be winding down…I’m sort of running out of things to do, getting more tired, etc.  Feels like it’s about time to wrap things up!

This’ll be sort of a hurried post, sorry!

For lunch we decided to stay above ground and find something on the way to the station.  We ended up at Yoshinoya, famous for one thing–beef bowls…


Here’s my curry beef bowl.  Not bad!


After making it to Ikebukuro, our first stop was the Sanrio Marchen Gallery, with this adorable statue of Kitty and Cinnamon.  I actually did buy a Kuromi stationery set here, but by this point I’ve pretty much seen everything that the Sanrio stores have to offer and am mainly just going to each one to visit for the sake of visiting, and also to see the store decorations…


Here was another one, just across the station in another building.  I didn’t buy anything here…


In the streets of Ikebukuro…it’s a rather crowded place, and somewhat loud too, but different in flavor than Shibuya and Akihabara, somehow.


Yep…the third Sanrio store of the day–Ikebukuro Gift Gate.  This one had 2 floors!


We also saw some other random stuff…like this Rilakkuma-themed game corner…


Tokyu Hands, a crafts store, was another stop.  Lots of stationery, though I didn’t find any I liked.  Was hoping for some cute envelopes too, but they didn’t really seem to have any…which is fine because I already bought some earlier.  They had a whole section of pens too, but no Signo DX 0.38, which is okay–I could never really tell the difference between the DX and the regular Signo 0.38 that I use, so it was more of a curiosity thing.


My 4th Sanrio store of the day!  Vivitix Tokyo…they had some cool tshirts but in the end I didn’t end up getting any of them…I already have enough clothes for now, haha.


Then we went to Namjatown inside Sunrise City, which apparently is named so because it’s made by Namco…had no idea.  Anyhow, I didn’t want to pay for any of the exhibits, so I just got the minimal entry pass (which lets you see the haunted house (which I skipped…) and get in for desserts and gyoza.  We searched around for good desserts and finally settled on a crepe place.


This one was much tastier than the one we had at Harajuku…a nice, crispy crepe skin, with ice cream and whipped cream and banana slices and chocolate sauce inside.  Yum!  We didn’t end up having any gyoza because we were too full, but we looked around and it was kind of crazy how many kinds they had…


Back in the main Sunrise City mall, I decided to skip the Planetarium and Aquarium–neither of them were free and I didn’t think they were worth the time and/or money, since I don’t think they were really anything special.  I had stopped by the Disney store earlier and only found a few things from Brave (just like at Shibuya), but then I saw somebody walking away with a plastic bag with Brave on it, so I had to investigate…

I asked one of the cashiers about it and, after some slight confusion, they told me that they could only give that bag to me if I bought something.  So…I was waiting around for that same cashier to tell her that no, it was okay, I didn’t need the bag, but thanks for the help!  …except then I was like oh what the heck, I’ll do it.

So I grabbed the cheapest thing I could find (100yen for a little random pin) and bought it, and they gave me the bag!  They had a bigger bag too, which the cashier also gave to me (I explained that since I was from America, I had already seen the movie, and it was really amazing).  I nabbed another movie flyer too….well, actually, 2 of them.  Yes…I am that much of a fan…


We took the Yamanotesen back and it was near 6PM, so it was packed!  Still breathable, but pretty crowded.  One really odd thing that happened–as I was walking back to the Yamanotesen gate and entering the station, I locked eyes with this girl that was there (okay, she was sort of kind of cute…).  It was the weirdest thing…probably because here I just don’t expect to ever look at someone and have them actually look back–everyone is always going about their own business.  But we actually looked at each other for a good couple of seconds as I walked by, and then I was kind of embarrassed a little bit and wondered if I was being rude, and it was over.  But yeah, that was interesting.  I can only wonder what that girl must have been thinking…


After coming back to Shinjuku station we successfully found this place selling nikuman (and other food) that we had failed to find last time.  It was in the middle of Keio….well, Keio something, I don’t exactly know what the place is called, but it’s by the station.  A whole bunch of other food and dessert/etc vendors were there too.


For dinner we ate at this Chinese place on the 8th floor.  Wasn’t actually too bad…though, Chinese food is almost never really great, to me, except for certain special kinds/places.

Tomorrow is my last day here!  My plan is to go to Chuo/Ginza, finish up my Sanrio store pilgrimages, maybe get some sushi near Tsukiji, and return back in time to meet A and A for dinner!


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