Japan Day 5 – Akihabara

Today’s photo set

Not too many photos today since I spent a lot of the day inside the stores in Akihabara and although it’s cool to see shelves full of anime merchandise, it sort of all looks the same after a while and photography is either disallowed or discouraged in most of the places anyways.

Anyhow, spent all of today at Akihabara, which is the must-go-to haven for all anime/manga/etc geeks.  I met up with Russell and he ended up showing me around, which was super-nice because I don’t know where anything is in Akihabara and it’s kind of a really “dense” place so that saved me a lot of trouble.

I didn’t end up buying too much, which is fine because I already had my huge shopping spree yesterday at Festival Plaza in Puroland and my suitcases are probably already overweight.  I did, however, find a few random things that I decided to get, like some Nanoha stuff.

Lunch was some gyuudon place that wasn’t bad–quick and cheap and tasted decent too.  Basically japanese fast food.  Mine was like some combination of beef and kimchi, was tasty but I should have went with the smaller portion.  Also was kinda salty, but I guess that’s sort of a tendency…


Besides shopping, I also made my way to Taito HEY, one of the arcades in the area–Japan is =the= place to be for legitimate arcade experiences, and I knew that this particular arcade had TGM, TAP, =and= TGM3.  At 100yen a game, it was twice as expensive as a few of the other places in Japan that I’ve heard of that have TGM, but I figured I may as well just settle for this since I was here at Akihabara anyways.

Anyways, playing TGM here was awesome!  The legitimate experience…no emulators, no lag, and the controls felt awesome!  Unfortunately I’m beginning to think that there’s something funky with my custom arcade controller since it feels different than the other Sanwa JLF sticks that I’ve tried, and the buttons feel a little different too.  Oh well.  Mysteries…

Anyways, I spent a bit over 1000yen on Tetris…probably something like $15 in total, hahaha T_T  The sad part is that I didn’t get any good games, really…kept on misdropping (though funnily enough, some of the misdrops were because I’m used to playing with the slight lag that comes with emulators, I think…well, either that or I’m just not used to the sticks, which is also possible), and doing stupid things and such.  Oh well.  I did have a pretty awesome moment where I did a clutch tap synchro move with an I piece that I needed to stay alive though–that felt pretty slick ;P


Here’s what most of the stores in Akihabara look like…just shelves upon shelves of stuff, and the buildings are all multiple stories too–like sometimes 7 stories or something like that.  If I were a bigger anime-otaku this place would be downright -dangerous- for me to be in.  As it is, however, for me it’s nothing compared to what Puroland was.  To compare, Akihabara is like this huuuuge place that has all sorts of random stuff, and it’s only every once in a long while that I find something that catches my interest.  Whereas, Festival Plaza was definitely smaller (only one floor!), but more spacious, more enjoyable, and =every single thing= there caught my interest.


I also made it out to Gamers!  Unfortunately I didn’t actually find any Di Gi Charat merchandise (I’m sure it’s in Akiba somewhere, just didn’t care to look hard enough…it’s fine because I already have more than enough as it is, haha), but it was nice to visit Dejiko’s home regardless :)


Dinner for me was this chicken and rice donburi bowl with an egg, plus soup that you pour in.  It wasn’t quite that filling, but cheap (only 600yen), and tasted good!

After that I decided to call it a day–I was pretty tired, and we still needed to walk back to our hotel, so I said bye to Russell and we got back early.  We were considering doing our laundry here, but the hotel laundry room is too expensive (like $5 for a washer, and then you have to pay again for the dryers), so we’re just doing some laundry by hand and hanging it to dry…

Anyways, we’re finished early, so we have extra time to rest and relax, which is good because I think I need the extra rest…my lower back has really not been happy at all through the trip, for instance.  Plus, we have to get up =super= early on Thursday to catch our flight, so might as well start pushing the sleep schedule forward.  My plan for tomorrow is to go and do Shinjuku and Harajuku…my original plan probably has a bit too many stops marked off over there, so I might cut some things from the itinerary.  I’m also wishing I can find some clothes for Sayuri, but that might be pretty tricky to find, so maybe not…


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