Human beings are……..interesting.  The behavior of other people is….interesting.

I wonder if sometimes people think of my behavior in the same way?  I mean, you could say that the reason I find other people so “weird” is essentially because their behavior is so far removed from that of my own.  In that case, it would only be natural for them to think the same way about me, right?

I’m sure there’s at least one person who probably thought that way about me, perhaps.  She was a friend of Kiki’s…me and Kiki talked about this person sometimes.  This person, let’s just call them X…oh man, this person was =loud=!  I wouldn’t necessarily say that she was my antithesis, but she was pretty way far out in the opposite end of the spectrum from my quiet, reserved self.  I don’t know if she was really even familiar of the concept of not speaking out one’s emotions and feelings about something.  And of course she’d always be one of the many to offer the standard kind of support to Kiki (you know, the it’s going to be all right, you’re awesome, don’t worry about anything, they’re all wrong, you’re right).

It was funny…I asked Kiki once if X ever got quiet, and she said yes…but only certain times when she was really upset, and in those times, she would get “quiet”, but in like the most obnoxious way…like, she wouldn’t speak to you, but she’d glare and have her arms folded.  Something like that…haha.

Anyways, it was funny because we’d come into incidental contact with each other through having Kiki as a common friend, but because I’m so very reserved, I would never really let anything out if X was around, so I’m sure I was like a total mystery to her, whereas whenever X would come in she’d be blahblahblah and I could read her pretty well (not that she was really trying to hide anything).

So yeah…

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