Looking at CS194 projects, both current and past, makes me kind of depressed…granted, I’m super-biased because a lot of “CS CS-y” things are totally uninteresting to me, but still, lots of these projects just seem sooooo llaaammmme.  And it’s not just that they’re uninteresting, it’s that they’re totally impractical.  I can’t see how half of these would ever have a life outside of CS194…how many of these just get left buried in the ground as half-finished tech demos that aren’t even practical?

I don’t know.  When I make things, I like to make things that, you know…actually have some value.  Things that are =legitimate=.  Like LoopMuse, which has been used by munchi (that’s right, someone other than me!) during OHC.  Or RelentlessWaves, which is…pretty darn fun, you know?

So that’s my goal for this 194 project.  To make something legit.  It’s super-tough, because it’s something with a scope that’s certainly much larger than, say, a Ludum Dare project…so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

But yeah, it makes me wonder whether I have a different aesthetic than the rest of the CS department too?  We all know that I’m totally at odds with most of the CCRMA department, but who knows–maybe I’m different than the rest of the CS kids too (well, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but….).

When I started talking with flashygoodness, I think one of the things that resonated between us was that we both like to create things.  As in, really create things, that are real and appreciable, in a very legitimate way.  That’s certainly something that differentiates me from the rest of the CS kids, is that I do awesome 9bit/trance/etc music (not ccrma “music”), plus pixel art.

It really makes a big difference when you can put the whole package together.  Like when you open up Gulliver, there’s the awesome title theme (which recurs throughout the game), the simply-made-yet-intricate background design, and the pixel stars flying in the back.  And you press space, and there’s a great chime sound, and a fadeout, and then an intro, with different music and a quote, and fading text.  And already it’s like, DAMN.  This shit is real, son.


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