Fanime – Day 3

Day 3 (Sunday) was wholly and completely different from the other two…

Started off with me getting to the con and then calling people to see who I could meet up with…and I managed to get a hold of Annie!  So I met her and Lydia (who I only knew before as “that girl who comments on Annie’s pictures) and Annie’s brother and after some photos we went to Hydration for some boba, randomly meeting up with Alex along the way (who later realized that he had forgotten about his laundry).  This was the first time I had seen Annie in a whole year, so it was really nice to see her again ^.^

On the way back I ran into the Shia cosplayer that I remember from the past 2 years, so I took a picture with her–so cool!  Course, her costume looks better than mine, but….it’s okay~ xD

We then split up as they went to go through Artist’s Alley while I went to go pick up my earbuds from Kotaro’s room since I had accidentally left them there the night before.  On the way I ran into Kat!~  That was a pleasant surprise, especially because we didn’t really have each others’ contact info so I had no way of finding out where the heck she was…

Anyhow, after retrieving my earbuds, I went back down and tried to meet up with Ray at the Arcade, but didn’t find him.  Instead I played a little TAP, and got an awesome doubles mode clear with Alex which left us both with tingling hands and an adrenaline rush.  Our clear time was 4:24:73, which puts us in 7th place on TC!

Kat wanted to hang out again (yay!~

I also managed to catch Annie and Lydia as they took off and left the con, and then we split up as Kat went off to try and find Xavier while I went to go pee (yay restroom awkwardness).  Tried finding Erica and Amy (again) to no avail (though I saw a bunch of other fanimaid people), and then just went back to the Arcade again for some more TAP I think.  I think around this time I realized that my camera was broken from when it slipped out of my pocket earlier (my cosplay’s pockets were useful, but not that great…I needed to make them a little deeper/close it off a little more so things don’t slip out when you sit down and such).  Luckily I managed to fix it, though the flash doesn’t pop up automatically anymore (minor, minor inconvenience).  Found Ray and we got some doubles in…oh, I forgot to mention that I ran into Ming-Sum at some point, I think yesterday or something? (starting to all blur together)

At some point when I was at the TAP machine Inteluctable_Entropy came up and introduced herself and I was like oh hey I remember you from the last TC meet we had I think!  So we started playing some doubles, and on our -third try- we managed a clear that felt really great, and even cleared the staff credits as well! (ridiculous!)  So that was super-duper awesome.  After that me and Alex played some death mode…ahh, the piece sounds of two people playing death mode at the same time just like, makes me ridiculously happy.  We ended up both hitting M (and both dying shortly after), so that was cool!

Afterwards we took the lightrail to japantown to get something to eat (ran into wesley on the way out of the con)…only realizing later on that I didn’t have a VTA pass (….oops.).  I should also mention that as we were heading out of the con, a rover actually came up to me and asked whether my rod was peacebonded and I was like “uhhhhhhh” because the thought hadn’t even occurred to me at all that I had needed peacebonding for my “weapon” (whoops).  So I was like oh okay I’ll go get it peacebonded….but actually I didn’t because I was heading out of the con anyways xD.  We met up with Chopin there and I had some yummy katsu curry, yay.  Headed back to the con, where I finished things out by playing a whole bunch more doubles mode (like 10 games or something crazy like that) with Inteluctable_Entropy.  No more clears, unfortunately (we got a nice 2xx/2xx in our last attempt), but we had some really nice moments where it felt like we were totally in sync…and then someone (like me) would misdrop horribly and screw us both over…I remember a =horrible= I misdrop I did that cut off like the entire bottom 3/4ths of the stack or something (NOOO T_T T_T orz).  Or I’d be rude and place crap on the other side…yeah, I gotta stop doing that >_<  Or sometimes I feel like I just got bad pieces, dunno.  It’s hard when you get to the faster speeds, because if you get a piece that doesn’t really work with your side of the screen, there’s no easy way to deal with it without screwing your partner over.

In any case, it felt really great to get so much doubles experience in one day (not to mention two awesome clears)–I feel like I’m beginning to understand the mode a bit better, but I also feel like there’s a lot that I still have to learn about it to be a better partner…orz

And that was it!  A wonderful day 3, which, again, was totally different from the other two, since it was full of nothing -but- hanging out with other people (plus, lots of TAP xD  Though, I never got to try cement mode with Alex, d’oh!).  Yay…

And yes, no day 4 for me…I’m busy trying to return to reality and catch up on…well, everything.  ugh.


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