Fanime – Day 2

Oh!  I forgot to mention my crowning achievement of yesterday (Day 1 of Fanime): I performed a clutch synchro move during my TAP master mode run–it required a simultaneous press of right and A at the same frame (1/60th of a second), and I did it!  And went on to get my Master mode clear :)

Hoookay.  So, Day 2.  Today was Shopping Day!  Unfortunately, I spent more money than I intended to. -_-  On the plus side, I didn’t make it to swap meet (dat LINE) at all, so I’m pretty sure this year wasn’t really that big of a hit to my wallet compared to last year.  …I hope.  I’m not staying overnight at hotel at all this year, so hopefully that saves me some good money too.

The really good part is that this year pretty much all of the loot I got was =good= loot.  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite like last year since…no swap meet, so no super-neat finds like that one lady who had all the Little Twin Stars stuff (I hope she wasn’t there again this year…that would mean that I really missed out T_T).  But I got Di Gi Charat stuff, Pita-Ten stuff (!), even a Shakugan no Shana folder.  And a bunch of pixel art stuff, including a whole set of Super Mario Kart sprites!

I also got to see Amy perform for FaniMaid live!  Yay Amy!~

So that was cool.  Took a whiiiiile though, so afterwards I wanted to just plop down in Kotaro’s hotel room (which he graciously allowed me to use as a sort of home base during the day even though I wasn’t staying overnight).  I did so and played some Lone Survivor (one of the many, many games I’ve been meaning to get around to).  At around 4PM, ish, I started getting really hungry to I left to go scrounge for food.  If I had had more time to prep, I might have already scoped out a place beforehand, but I hadn’t (I was doing cosplay repairs in the morning), so I was basically just wandering a bit in hope of finding something.  Luckily I found a subway pretty close to the con, so I was pretty happy about that.  Not the greatest thing, maybe, but familiar, convenient, easy, and portable.  I grabbed a footlong and ate half of it then, half of it later.

Then spent some time chilling with Azura as we attempted to do some sort of collab in FL studio, despite me not having time to really properly setup my FL environment on my laptop.  I put a little something down quickly and then handed it off to him, and while he worked on it I wrote two belated birthday letters (yep, playing catchup now)…

After that, I went to go find Kio, who was busy with cosplay photos doing shoots and stuff (not surprising!).  So I said a quick hi to her and then she ran off to do more photos.  At this point I phoned my ride and played 2 games of Death (one of them ended at 4xx, the other not so well) before heading out.

Not a bad day, really…most of it was spent shopping (successfully), and I played a good amount of Lone Survivor, so that’s not bad.  I =completely forgot= that I was supposed to meet up with Annie–luckily she’s coming tomorrow too, so I’ll get to see her still, but I could have at least kept her some company in the prereg line at least =X.  Oh!  I also ran into Kat twice, so that was nice ^.^;


Anyways, tomorrow will be me trying to run around and catch Erica, Annie, Amy, Ray, and maybe Kat again?  Plus maybe another attempt at doubles with Kitaru?  Plus just more TAP in general.  And maybe I’ll take some more general con photos…I haven’t really taken that many at all (doesn’t help that even though my cosplay is fairly comfortable, I have a rod to carry around).  There was a Kefka cosplay that I got a photo of, which was pretty awesome (though not as awesome as this guy).

Overall Fanime has just had a really different feel to it every single year I’ve been.  First time I went I only went one day and it was basically just a shopping trip…next time was the first time I cosplayed and I had a whole group/contingent that I went around with…then last year it just felt busy and disorganized; this year my cosplay is much more comfortable, and looks great and I’m really proud of it, but somehow I don’t have that much to do; I think because I don’t really have “hang-out” friends at the event this time around.  Also this year I’m beginning to associate Fanime with this weird smell that I don’t remember from past years, lol.

In any case…I might not be sticking around for -too- long tomorrow–the sooner I can get back to reality the better; I’ve got lots of stuff to catch up on.


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