Fanime – Day 1

So, we’re done with Day 1 of Fanime.  pheeeeeeeewwwwwwwffff.

I was going to go to Day 0 to pick up my badge, and also to check out the swap meet, but after hearing about everything that was going wrong with registration and everything, there was really no way I was going to go there (I probably wouldn’t have had any success at all, though maybe I would have gotten to see the swap meet).  Plus, I needed more time to finish my costume.

…which, ended up getting done!  Pretty last-minute T_T.  I actually finished everything finally at like 9AM of Day 1.  So, yeah.  Lots of work.

Day 1 consisted of…mostly just waiting in line for prereg.  uhm…yeah.  To be honest, it actually didn’t seem THAT horrible, for some reason.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I seem to remember last year and the year before also having pretty long lines.  Nevertheless, it was a pretty long time spent in line…I listened to the entire FX4 soundtrack and that was like maybe one third of the wait time.  Wow, I was probably in line for 3 hours.  Spent a good portion of that idly playing Zenonia 4, and another portion of it trying to make something with LSDJ, lol.  I had a mild panic attack as I finally reached preregistration because I realized I hadn’t printed out any confirmation or anything–all I had was my driver’s license for ID (funnily enough, the guy had to doublecheck for a minute or two because of how…different I looked ;P).  I reasoned that if push came to shove, I could borrow someone’s iPhone (there was a nice lady behind me in the line who had one) and login to show them my confirmation.  It ended up being totally okay though *phew*  Also, I was SO glad that I decided not to bring my laptop–lugging that around in line for 3 hours would not have been fun at all.

And then…finally, I was done!  Done with the lines!!! (except not really–more on that later)

After that I went off to the arcade.  I didn’t hit Dealer’s Hall or Artist’s Alley because I probably wouldn’t have enough time to go through them properly, so I just decide to chill until going off to the Swap Meet.  I met Kitaru and Azura, and had a few games of TAP, since that was there again (hooray!).  I beat Kitaru’s high score for the day in Master mode with a super-painful game where I kept misdropping every time I was about to finally clear through all of the garbage, which must have meant he wasn’t really doing so well either.  We also had a really freaking close doubles game where we got to 300/299 and I got the right piece to get the line clear, but just couldn’t maneuver it into place =(  I also tried Item mode for the lulz.  My biggest “accomplishment” of the day was getting Gold RO on that Master run, hahaha.  Oh man…my finesse is terrible.

There were Sanrio plushies in the UFO catcher game at the arcade; I was so tempted to try at it…except it looked super-impossible.  Sigh.

One person recognized me as Shia at the con!  That made me happy.  That’s the thing about cosplaying as a more obscure character–almost nobody really recognizes you, but when they do, it’s like “Oh!  You’re so-and-so!” as opposed to “okay, -another- Naruto, got it”.

After that me and Azura headed to the Swap Meet, which we had a small amount of difficulty finding…and then we saw that, unlike most years where the Swap Meet is just an open event in the Arcade, this year it was in the Fairmont and apparently there was a huge line for it.  Uhm.  Yeah.  I actually -might- have considered waiting for it, but I was planning on leaving at around 8:30 anyways and hightailing it back here for Friday Night Waltz (in costume!).  So I saw the line and I was like “okay, lol.  This is never gonna work”.  I was sort of sad because that was my best chance at picking up cool stuff for cheap (what I got last year was =awesome=…a bunch of little twin stars stuff and di gi charat stuff and everything), but I reasoned to myself that I’m trying to save money for my Japan-HK trip anyways, so it really wasn’t the end of the world.  Plus, you know, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of another long line anyways.

Speaking of which, yeah, that was the theme today–LineCon.  Me and Azura joked about how ridiculous it was, and after we saw that Swap Meet had a long line this year, I started speculating about possible ridiculous scenarios where other con events would have lines.  What if Dealer’s Hall had long lines to get in?  What if Artist’s Alley had long lines to get in?? (even more ridiculous)  Some of the more ridiculous ones: What if panels had lines to get in?  What if you had to line up to -host your own panel-?  What if you had to line up to see Stage Zero???  What if you had to line up to get OUT of the con?? xDDD

After that bust, I found some of my friends who were in the midst of the prereg line (which somehow had gotten EVEN LONGER by this time T_T), said hi, and then we went back to the Arcade and I chilled a bit (had another master mode run where I died at 998, great lol), and then I took off.

FNW was fun!  Aside from the fact that my costume was having some minor malfunctions (the two safety pins I had on hand were a lifesaver), it felt really wonderful to wear it while dancing…I might just do it again randomly–that’s how awesome it was.  It was a totally different feeling!

I also called my first Ceili Polka Set ever, which was cool :)  I’ve always sort of thought I could pull it off, but never actually tried it until I was just put on the spot and designated as the caller.  It was fun!!  I might try doing it again–though before I do I’d want to go over some of the more complicated figures in my head (anglosaxon square, etc) and just remember everything that’s normally called.

After that, I just came back and vegg’d for a while.  I still have to do costume repairs, which I think I will save for the morning =(  I will probably be bringing my laptop tomorrow, so I will have to try and pack super-light to make up for it.  Or just try to spend minimal time moving around, aside from going through dealer’s hall and artists alley.  Which makes sense because I don’t have that much else planned for the con anyways.  No going to B&W ball this year because let’s face it, it’s not -nearly- as fun as any of the dance events I’m used to, and no going to the dance/rave this year because there’s no glowsticks allowed (for the weird reason of spillage cleanup…o_o).

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