Big Dance (2012)

My second one!  Here’s the link to the first:

Wow, so this year’s Big Dance felt totally different from last year’s, in a way that I still can’t really describe.  I think it’s just that I’ve changed, both as a dancer and as a person, and my role in the community has changed, and most importantly, the circle of dance people around me has changed.  I think one thing I -can- say is that this year’s Big Dance felt a little less…”gimmicky”?  I guess?  I don’t know, it felt like there were less random special events and more just plain dancing.  I think part of that is that we didn’t really use the basketball courts for anything, and maybe part of it is that there -were- less random events, or maybe it’s just that I’m used to the ones that we did have.

Stamina-wise, my consciousness didn’t fade at all, really.  My mind is still totally awake–I mean, I’m used to the whole staying up late thing…heck, last night I actually already stayed up from like 5:30PM until 6:00 or 7:00AM for some unknown reason, so that was…already more than Big Dance.  Plus, I had a nap in the afternoon, which worked out really nicely.  That last half hour or so -was- pretty hard on my feet though…understandably so.  I’m about to pop an advil just to deal with the soreness.

Okay, so the rest of this will just be random memories and shout-outs to people, because that’s what Big Dance memories are like at the moment–just a bundle of great times.

Kaitlin!  That dance we had was something else!  Sheesh!

Dawn Mazurka–I had already practiced this on Bob at Dancebreak earlier in the week, but at the end when the lead raise their hands and the follows “escape”….well…..I really, really escaped–as in, I just bolted out of there as fast I possibly could.  And if you’ve seen me do redowa steps by myself, you know that I can get AIR on that step.  So yeah, that was great.  I almost made it around the entire room before I got caught, hahaha.  And I’m pretty sure Richard and Tracey were cracking up when they saw that, which was great.

Speaking of air time, man, when Richard played that Korean (?) redowa song (which he tells me was at 151bpm), the tempo was PERFECT for me doing leaping solo redowa leaps.  I don’t know if you guys saw me during that song, but man, I had so much energy, I was just getting masssivveee airrrr. (and I’m sure Alex was also getting the same amount of air behind me)  That’s probably the best jumping I’ve ever done during a dance.

The full, complete, reworked version of Sayuri’s Reel got premiered!  I don’t want to toot my own horn that much, but damn…how awesome is it that a song I wrote is now THE Kerry Set song?  Jeez!!!  Also, the joke dubstep remix that I did…oh man.  I was cracking up so hard for that…it was so good.  Just so you guys know, that was totally a joke remix by me and it was just me having fun…yeah, I really don’t do dubstep, or well…I think dubstep is okay in sparing, sparing quantities.  But yes, it was hilarious having that bass drop during Kerry Sets.  hahahahahaha.

Also, Bob, that second (?) Kerry Set you called was friggin awesome!

Rachel, that “moment” we had was pure brilliance. xDDD

Gemmm~  Yeah I’m sorry we didn’t catch each other for a dance (funny how often that happens even during a 9-hour event…..).  I know we’re not really in each other’s lives, but it was still so nice chatting with such a friendly person~ ^.^  Congrats on #10!~

Argentine Tango’s performance…When Denise took the lead, I was totally swooning.  I mean come on, pretty girl in pretty clothes, playing the lead role!?  The only way that could have hit me more was if she had let her hair down at that moment too, hahahaha.  Great job Denise~<3

Gerentt!  We only danced like once but it was one of the best ones we’ve had, and you know that’s saying a lot because we have had some pretty mindblowing dances.

Stanford Ceili, we were awesome!!!  Everyone loved us!  And I just want to say…everyone in the audience, thank you so much for starting to clap for us during the performance–I seriously felt like that was just the most awesome thing.  Besides it just giving us energy, I just remember hearing you guys starting to clap and thinking to myself, “Oh man, they’re pumped.  Oh my god, the transition into Sayuri’s Reel is going to be AMAZING!”  And it was.  Goooood times.

Richard, thank you for playing Lullaby of Flame!  It’s been way too long since I’ve heard that on the dance floor…and Jen, thanks for dancing it with me :)  I probably danced pretty differently than I normally dance with you, just because…it’s -that- song.  It’s so intense, especially for me since I made it, so my leading is just a totally different animal when I’m dancing to it.

Swingtime, you guys were GREAT!  And Decadance, I missed your second song because I was busy changing!!! *cry*  I was really pissed because I know that song (Black Betty) and it’s a fun song!  So, I will have to find some way to see that at some point.

Emily!~  Thanks for doing the cross-step waltz competition with me!  I felt really proud of myself when I danced that…I just felt really graceful and…I don’t know, =good= based on my own aesthetics. :)  And the Lullaby gauntlet was fun…though like I was saying, I was definitely much less disoriented this year than last when they turned the lights out, for whatever reason.

Mairi, congrats on winning the costume contest!  You deserve it, that dress is really awesome!  I just hope that the one I’m trying to make will turn out anywhere near as decent…-_-;

One of the hampers on the night was that I realized I kept on leading the same waltz variations all freaking night long…I even started mentioning it to people later on.  Somehow I just couldn’t get away from the things that I normally do nowadays.  I think I just have too many “standards”, that it’s hard to innovate now.  Like, for a whole bunch of different situations, I have my go-to moves already.  On the plus side, I had one of the best cross-step waltz mixers that I’ve ever done!  This was the second time that I’ve gone for no repeats at all in the variations I led, and it was great!  It actually ended up making me come up with some really random cool stuff on the spot, just to avoid a repeat.

I also felt very WCS-y throughout the night, so there was a lot of WCS stuff that ended up bleeding into pretty much all of the dances that I did other than waltzes.  I mean, that usually happens slightly, but it was especially noticeable tonight for some reason.  I think I was just dancing different than I normally do, to be honest (other than waltz).  Something about the WCS style or something.  No, not the “bro” style, but the “smooth” style.  And with all the cool footwork variations that follows generally play around with.  I think part of it could be that I had some time to kill before walking over to Roble so I decided to watch some WCS stuff, hahaha.  Well, looking forward to the WCS social next weekend.  I hear Sayuri’s going to be there <3~

Tracey~  that waltz we had was wonderful. :)  I love showing you all that stuff that I experiment with ^.^

Lewis!  We didn’t get to dance or anything but you just make things good times by being you and being cool.  I also totally did the YEEAAYYUHHH shout during Erin Shore…

Lauren, your dress was spinny and twirly and awesome.  I’m glad we finally got that dance!

And I’m not friends with Olivia but I loooveeeedd her dress, like omg.  I could not get over it. *squeal*

And Belinda!!!  I’m so overjoyed to see you again <3~  And, that first dance we had really was special!  It was the first time I’ve felt something like that, like neither me nor you was directing my movements, but rather something else.  I love seeing your expression while dancing–it’s happy, but happy in a light, warm, fluffy (?) way that I think really resonates with me and my softness. ^_^  Also, thanks for the BNP! :D

Kevin and Sarah (and co), I’m so glad things worked out!  You guys pulled through in the end :)  Hope you get some more rest–you guys really worked a lot the past few nights…

Deanna, it’s good to see you again!  Sorry we only got to dance once…*tear*  And Elena we didn’t dance at all!  Boo…

Isabelleee~  You made it!  I was happy that you kept the long skirt on the whole night, hahahaha xD

Gang of 13, you guys did great.  Thank you so much.  I don’t think I can think of a single thing I wasn’t really happy with this year–it just all seemed to go off without a hitch.  All around good times…

Tokyo Line Polka, that was the first time I’ve done my max-super-spinny version without getting exhausted like 2/3rds of the way through.  Awesome!!!  The main challenge in that dance for me is actually avoiding collisions because I’m spinning around so much.  Ah…someday I am going to have to do that dance in a (mostly) empty room and record it.  That would be so fun–I would be able to travel so much more!!!

Acata!  I can’t thank you enough for that dance, ahhhhhh!  Last waltzes are a funny thing–every once in a blue moon they’re pretty cool, but nowadays the overwhelming majority of them I either sit out or have a dance that’s…decent, but not really anything great.  But……….but….ahhh! *waves arms up and down*

There were a bunch of you who couldn’t make it, or had to leave early, etc, for various reasons (I think you know who you are)–I missed you all very dearly!


There’s lots of work and whatnot to be done this weekend, but I’m putting that all aside for now.  I deserve some good rest :)  Thank you so much everyone!



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