When people ask me what my life goals are, I mean…I don’t know, I don’t really have things that I would call “life goals”.  I’m not that sort of person.  The easiest one to say is getting my GM rank in TAP’s Death Mode (a tetris achievement that I’ve been slowly working towards for years), but aside from that there aren’t really things that I can say have been my goals for a long time.

But that isn’t to say that I don’t have things that I want to do, or things that I’m working towards.  For example, I’m working towards my original artist album, and I’m also working towards my social dance music album.  And I’m also getting my name out there by contributing to some other stuff.  Actually, one of my sort-of-life-goals was to get a mix posted on OCR, and I have confidence that that’ll happen pretty soon (as soon as it gets through the loooooong queue, hahaha).

There are other random things that I am not working towards but that I think I would want to do, such as:

-Make an album of experimental music, that really deviates from my usual style and has me doing all sorts of weird stuff, but still sounding good.
-Making some sort of art game, with some sort of artsy message embedded in the gameplay or something

And other stuff like that.  Making my own avatar (both pixel art and non-pixel art styles) would also fall under that, except I’m actually sort of half working towards that sometimes now.

However, I don’t really consider those kinds of things life goals…they are just sort of random wants that I haven’t considered seriously yet.  I wouldn’t make something a life goal unless I knew I was really going to finish it at some point (like Death GM, which I almost certainly will achieve eventually).

Then there are even more random things that pop up from time to time.  For example, I think it would be really nice to spend time with Kiki, like not necessarily living together, but having a period of time where I could see her regularly again, would just be so nice.

But, in general, I kind of just work towards things that I want to do at the moment, and over time it manifests itself into greater accomplishments (just look at my bandcamp, or my LD entries, or whatever).  I’m not planning on it at all, but part of me thinks it would be nice if I could somehow take a quarter-long break/sojourn of sorts, except for me it wouldn’t really be a sojourn because I wouldn’t go anywhere.  Other people might use that time to go and travel the world and explore or whatever, but I don’t actually have a desire to do that; I would instead spend that time filling out the dusty items on my todo list and just using the opportunity to devote time more intensely to my personal interests (music, game design, programming, pixel art).

Luckily, I am pretty darn good at making forward progress on a million different things, so I don’t really actually need that sort of time-off.  It would still be =nice=, but not strictly necessary, I don’t think.  Forward progress is a powerful, powerful thing…


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