Why I ditch class

For every hour of class that I go to, I could be doing something else.  Many times, there isn’t that much impact on my grade, or my life.

At the beginning of the quarter, before CS194 lectures stopped, I had 2.5 hours of C348b, 2.5 hours of CS244, and 2.5 hours of CS194 every week (they each met TuesThurs).  That’s 7.5 hours in total each week.

What can I do in 7.5 hours?  Well, let’s see…








Yeah, those all got written over a combined sum of ~7 hours.  Think about the value of either option.


Throw in another 7 hours and you’ll get these two:



…the latter of which has already touched many people’s lives.


Three weeks gets you http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/all-in-a-days-work, an entire 2-hour long album…

(note: not meant to be a serious argument; you can’t substitute timeframes directly like this.  but, it’s still pretty elucidating ;P)


One thought on “Why I ditch class

  1. Kelley

    People who attend class also feel like they should be doing something else. ;)

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