I don’t think it’s very interesting to think of what your life is like without FB.  I don’t really think it’s that fundamental a change or anything.

But I think it’s kind of interesting to think of what your life might be like if you had =never= used FB.  I think that’s a more interesting question.

You can go farther back and ask what things may have been like if I had never discovered blogging, but I think at that point we’re getting too hypothetical to draw any reasonable conclusions.

But yes, it’s interesting to reflect upon the sort of mindset changes that social media have wrought upon us.  A coworker at Google described it as us being kids of the information age and being addicted to “the drip”, as in we’re so used to having information constantly being streamed to us, that we’re uncomfortable when it’s not–that’s why there’s this sense of “discomfort” when we’re not connected to the internet.  I’ve never used texting as a real communication medium, but it’s the same for some other people (a few years younger than me, perhaps?) when they get disconnected from their phones.

And then of course there’s that trend where everyone has something to say now…if you look at the internet now you can see FB as this massive shouting arena where everyone is broadcasting things to everyone else and it’s all so much NOISE which is why twitter is kind of nice because it at least attempts to filter it all down.  When I compare it to earlier days, things seemed somehow more…”quiet”.  I mean back in the xanga age people were saying a lot, yes, but we weren’t broadcasting it so vibrantly, so it sill felt like this nice cozy little suburb.  Before xanga things were even quieter and the only lines you really had were IM (and i was sort of late on that whole train as well).  And now…well, now things are sort of a little ridiculous.

It’s funny because it’s sort of stayed the same, relatively.  In the xanga age I was always a pretty significant creator, you know, one of that 1% that I always talk about.  And other people would be a lot more passive.  Now, other people have stepped it up because everyone’s on FB and we’re all posting updates and having conversations and blahblahblah.  But I’ve stepped it up even more, because now i’ve got not only FB/G+/Twitter, but also google sites, youtube, formspring, bandcamp…so it’s like even though you’ve all increased your presence, it’s kind of the same relative ratios as always.

…not to mention anything about posting ratios on FB or anything *scoff*


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