I like to help people and do things for people…I am an ennegram type 2, after all (and an ISFJ, at that).  And in accordance with my type, my way of doing so tends to be deeply personal.  I don’t help the world as a whole by trying to make it a better place–rather, I try to help the world by helping close friends feel better, one at a time.  Writing letters, giving gifts, being a listener, …all of these things are that kind of act.

I think the one thing that allows me to reach out to many people–more than anything else at least–is music.  Unfortunately, I’m quite sure that my music rarely has the same impact on others that it does on me–this song still gives me an incredibly intense rush of cathartic emotion whenever I hear it–but still, I feel like someday when I finish my compilation of social dance music and put it out to the community, it’s going to be a wonderful feeling to be able to share music that’s so emotionally poignant with a real audience.  I guess Vienna Teng would be the other person who has really done that sort of thing.  One wonders how she feels about it…

Together was a great song to write, because writing in slow waltz style allowed me to break from my usual unts unts chiptune styles and create something that was really focused on intense emotional impact.  The prospect of playing that for a room filled with the social dance community is a wonderful feeling, as if this quiet angel figure is finally singing out for everyone to hear.


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