Tonight was a night full of small, extremely precious moments that left me brimming with happiness…and none of them were related to actual dancing!  I also almost broke down and burst into tears but refrained from doing so at my onee-chan’s urging.  So much emotion!  One of these days, though, I’m just going to go through with it and let all that emotion out.  I didn’t really need to this time, so I held myself back, but at some point I’m just going to toss restraint to the winds.

In another note, Tokyo Line Polka is now a sort of brutal conditioning routine for me.  Depending on how you count it, I add like 7+ rotations every repetition of the dance–it’s quite crazy.  The addition of the most recent two (during the first two parts of the dance) have actually brought me to the point where I can’t sustain 100% energy through the whole dance.  Something like 50% or 66% of the way through is when it starts hitting me…I still manage to do all the spins and everything, but you can tell that I’m conserving my energy.

You guys should really try it at some point…it’s ridiculous.  And it’s very precise too…for instance after the triple spin I spread my arms out to stop my momentum.  And of course there’s the stomp at the end, which is actually a necessity for me.  Oh, that’s another thing…I’ve gotten to the point where sometimes I lose track of which direction we’re facing, both because I get tired and because I’m spinning around so much…hahaha.


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