It is not that hard, people.  It is not that hard.  I know my presence is almost invisible most of the time, but can we please just learn from my example a little bit?

Can we please just let things go, not judge people, give the benefit of the doubt…can we please not feel obligated to say everything that we feel or think?  Can we let things be and not interfere?  Can we please, please, just be =nice= to other people!?  It is not that hard.  You see the way I act; is it really that hard!?  Would it really kill you to just be a little bit more accepting?  To be respectful?  To be at peace?  There are probably a lot of people who don’t really have any image of me because I’m so invisible, but there are others who have an image of me as this little perfect angel who will quietly accept anything and anybody.  Yeah, well if that’s what I am then what does that make all of you?

And what is this about not having time!?  You can’t say that sort of thing around me either, you just can’t.  It’s almost insulting.  Have you =seen= the things that I do in my life?  Don’t tell me you don’t have time.

You can’t give any excuses anymore, because I’ve gone and stood in your faces as a living example that yes, it is possible to be nice, it is possible to =look out for other people other than yourself=, it is possible to notice how people are feeling.  It is possible to stay in touch with friends, it is possible to do special things for them.  You can’t tell me it’s not, because I already have my proof–me.  And you all can see me too.  But you just don’t get it.  I guess you don’t really get me either.  I guess it figures; I mean, who is going to pay attention to me when you are all busy screaming and shouting and exclaiming while I simply look around with my eyes.

I know part of this is me being arrogant about my imperfect self and part of this is just me being a different way than other people, but it is really, really a struggle not to feel this way sometimes, when I’m confronted with this sort of behavior around me.


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