Food for Thought

If someone changed your FB default post privacy to “Only Me”, so that it still shows up, but no one else can view it (unless you tag them), how long would it take you to notice?  Would you even notice?

I am very good at directing the “flow of attention” away from me and towards other people; it’s why I’m such a good listener, and why my style of dancing tends to be so unique (when I’m using that style, anyways…I don’t think I really was tonight).  What’s interesting is that it happens even when I don’t even try to do it.  People love my music, for instance, but my presence is really small.  Sometimes I can explain it, but other times I really can’t and just have to tell myself it’s a simple byproduct of the way that I am.  Or sometimes I just tell myself that it’s nothing to do with me and that’s just the way people are, because that’s definitely true too!


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