Infinite worlds separated from our own with infinite alternate choices. What hidden secrets do these other worlds hold? Tonight’s theme is “Alternate Dimensions.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Dreamscape(OHC180).mp3

These posts bring a kind of weary feeling to me because I know there’s basically no target audience–even less so than my usual posts.  Sigh.  But whatever, onwards…

So, this week marked my 100th ever OHC entry, so I wanted to do something “special”, but I didn’t really know what that meant.

Unfortunately, I hit the snooze button on my alarm once too many times, and so I woke up at exactly 6:00PM, so I wasn’t really ready for compo.  Nevertheless, I hadn’t lost all that much time; I just started FL as fast as I could and stared at the theme and figured “okay, generic spacey theme, let’s gogogogogogo start with uhmmmm pads from Alchemy” and just went from there.

I quickly got the idea that I’d try and actually use less chiptune elements than I have been recently, as sort of a throwback to my older style, back from when I was first starting to do OHC.  Another interesting thing to note is that I put slightly more effort into the drums: not only did I slice up a drum loop, but I used my own single-shot samples as well.  Combining the two is a method I used to do all the time, until recently when I started only using the loop exclusively because it was faster.

Anyways, things just went very naturally from there, and I ended up with this amazing 9-minute song that sounds…awesome.

This also marks the 2-year point since I started OHC, and you can definitely see just how ridiculously much I’ve improved from all of that practice.  The only things bad about this art that it’s slightly repetitive (borderline though, which is why it’s not that bad at all), and the mixing isn’t quite top-notch so the levels aren’t as hot as I’d ideally like them to be…but regardless it’s still an amazing track.

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