The war is over, the world is safe. Sparring enemies united for the cause. Now that the danger has passed, it is time to see who is the true champion. Tonight’s theme is “Battle of the Heroes.”

My plan this time around was to go from epic orchestral into chippy chip, so that’s exactly what I did.  Interestingly enough, my main chip chorus actually sounds extremely similar to a short LSDJ song I wrote on my NDS…

Anyways, a super-duper bonus to this one was that I ended up incorporating the FF4 battle theme, the Pokemon battle theme, the Earthbound sine wave pitch bend sound, and even the FF7 boss battle theme in some form, so that was fun to get all of those in there randomly.  I wanted to put in like one more theme or expand upon it more, even, but unfortunately ran out of time.  Oh well.

So yeah, not an awesome entry this time, but still kind of entertaining.

Also, sci did another mashup, this time featuring The Ecstasy of Life as well as Pixel by Pixel, which is pretty awesome.


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