Tonight’s theme is “The exhilarating cold mountain wind.”

As I popped into the IRC channel, sci requested that I do a song using only GM.DLS instruments, and this time I had enough time to actually get that setup.  He also challenged me to use the hideous Brass instrument, which I ended up doing but pitched way up or way down so it was barely recognizable.

Anyways, I took to the challenge, using two instances of Fruity LSD and a bunch of MIDI Out channels.  Using Fruity for pure MIDI/gm.dls stuff is actually kind of interesting…I used the channel echo functions to do echo, which is totally legal because it’s just adding more notes, not actually an effect.  So that was interesting.

But yeah, it was actually spectacularly fun, especially doing drums…somehow doing drums tracker-style is always fun, even though this isn’t quite exactly tracker-style.

Anyways, my song ended up being 9 minutes, which certainly is a new record for me.  Kind of insane when you consider that I’m one minute short of hitting 1/6th realtime speed.  Well, okay maybe not quite because typically I spent like 1 hour 10 minutes, not just 1 hour, but close enough.

Definitely a fun one, despite not being kickass.  Super-duper fun.

I should also mention that sci did a mashup including one of my songs (Grooveshark) so you should check that out too!


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