So now it’s raining and it’s not -quite- as cool (though still not bad because I don’t have much class since it’s dead week, not that I go to most classes anyways), but yesterday I was so thankful it was cloudy, SO THANKFUL.  I know I know, stating one’s opinions about the weather is so blehhhh whatever, but I was seriously afraid that I had seen the last of the beautiful gray soft weather and that it had succumbed to the evil of the harsh sunlight raining down beams of heat and radiation upon us all.

It’s not just a physical thing either; the sunny atmosphere just brings with it a bad -vibe-.  The start of school…Summer swimming lessons…spring allergies…band camp…all of this painful stuff.  There’s just this sort of “feeling” that the sunlight and sunny “il fait beau” weather (don’t ask me why i use that phrase; maybe it’s because our french textbooks always had these big bright yellow sun pictures and so “il fait beau” is even more obnoxious to my mind than “it’s really sunny”) brings to me that makes me feel all “ugh.”

But, but, but, I must remind myself, Summer brings with it nice Summer nights, so I shouldn’t complain -too- much.  Still, I’d rather have rain and cold nights than have to deal with sunshine-infested days.  ugh!


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