Started watching Kobato. recently–it’s an anime based on a manga by CLAMP, which I actually didn’t know until I watched the actual intro seq.  We’ll see how it turns out…right now it could either be “okay” or “pleasantly surprisingly good”.  It’ll only be “okay” if it doesn’t really go anywhere, but this is CLAMP so I don’t think we’ll really see that problem.

Kobato is likeable as a character so far…too much of that “doesn’t know anything about the real wold” naivety for me to really resonate with, but my gosh–her clothing:

For a girl who seemingly has no belongings and came out of nowhere, she has an great wardrobe and sense of style and it’s only been 3 episodes!  Just look at this image right here!  That is like the epitome of my aesthetic–soft, graceful, angelic, and serene.  It almost makes me just want to cosplay as her just because.

I was also like “omg!” with the chobits references in this episode, hahaha.


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