I think I need to start venting more.  There is too much negative stuff; I just need to start complaining about it all and throwing my arms up otherwise I’ll explooooode!


I am not really looking forward to having to deal with my mother on my trip to Japan.  It could go alright, or it could go horribly.  Dealing with my mother is always kind of a mixed…well, mostly just a bad bag.  I just can’t really handle her or cope with her that well, and the thing is, the way she reacts to my discontent just kind of serves to make the situation worse, so it sort of spirals out of control.


On the plus side, this is a trip that I actually care about, so I’m going more for the trip than for the people, meaning it can’t possibly be as bad as some of those other nonsense trips we’ve gone on…right?


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