I will do my best to express myself!!!

I’ve written about it at some point before, but if you look at my xanga entries from way back, like years ago, I would just vent a whole lot and write about anything on my mind; anything that happened to be bothering me.  Part of me reads that stuff and is like oh geez…but then there’s another part of me that’s like “hey, that’s healthy because I’m just letting all of this stuff out”. (there’s also like recent years where I’m just being bitter and stuff a lot, but let’s not get into that)

I will express myself!  Directly, to the people who matter.  Yes!

I have taken some steps lately.  They seem like both =big= steps but also tiny steps at the same time.  I am quite proud of them; I feel like I’m growing up.  I’m continuing the slow, slow process of learning how to be my angelic self without having to also suffer from the downsides of it.


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