You walk out of your single family house, wave goodbye to your wife, two kids and dog. You get into your family sedan and drive out of your fenced yard and head to work. Tonights theme is “Suburbia.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Progress(OHC175).mp3

Yea the theme came up and I was like uhhh WAT.

Then after a few seconds of thinking I was like okay let’s just do…dark evil demented alien suburbia.  =Then= sci on IRC was like “oh I forgot I have a request, you should do your whole song using GM.DLS instruments” and I was like agghhh it’s too late for me to do that.

So I did the next best thing: just used crappy FL studio default instruments with minimal processing.  So we’ve got FL keys, a choir ahh sample, and even the drums sound pretty cheesy.

Later I start just having fun goofing around with mallet percussion samples and whatnot…and then I decide it’s time to transition into UNTS.

So instead of my idea being “start with peaceful suburbia and then suddenly go into evil dark destroyed alien suburbia” my idea is now “start with really crappy instruments and then gradually bring in more advanced sounds”.  So here I bring in some really old-school classic trance sounds that sound like they could have come from my compositions from like 5 years ago.

And then after the big buildup I use a huge sidechained megabass that sounds like something I could have done like 3 years ago or something.  And then I start going into more generic evil weird stuff that sounds like something I could have done like 2 years ago.  And then finally at the end I make it into chiptune “heaven”, which is like something I’m doing nowadays.

So yeah, that was pretty fun.  Not too remarkable in any way, but it’s always just kind of fun to do something different.


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