Makoto Sawatari (2)

Perhaps one of the reasons Makoto’s story in Kanon resonates with me so much is that her “auu~…” state of being is similar to the state that I get to when I withdraw into myself and start to become “paralyzed”.  In Makoto’s case, it’s like a long-term physical ailment, but in my case it’s…well, actually sometimes it’s not too far off from being paralyzed, and usually the ability to speak out is one of the first things to go…which is why I simply get a downcast look and my eyes start to communicate all of my emotion.

I direct you to this post of mine.

And, I guess, just like her, I like to be petted and comforted; especially in that state.  (Thanks C~)  I guess I like bells and charms too.

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