Tonight’s theme is friendship and magic.

Dedicated to Triforce Mike.

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Pastorale(OHC174).mp3

Didn’t really know what I felt like this week, but after the theme came up I thought maybe I’d do something orchestral, since I never do.  All the stuff you hear in the intro is from the free edition of EWQL silver (the one that’s hard to find a dl for nowadays).  After coming up with those chords and stuff, it was just…really natural to have the descending chip arpeggio.

And from there everything was pretty standard style after that.  I add in the bass, drum loops, and already at this point I’m envisioning the chorus when we drop in the bass drum and pads.  Before that though, I add some arp-type stuff (can’t ever have enough arps), with some nice delayed reverb.  We smash into the chorus after a filter and crotale hit plus sine blips.

This song feels kind of different from my other ones even though it has the same sort of instrumentation, probably because it uses that major 7th chord feel, which really fits the theme and title of the piece.

Then we get a really nice soft section, with sine blips and a triangle whistle that just creeps in from the back.

After that I want to get things grooving again, so I put the drum loop back in and add the 16th-note bass for a sense of motion.  After a snare roll and crotale “ding!”, we have an 8bit noise sweep and then go into our groove section–very very reminiscent of Shooting Star.  I even used the same two lead instruments that I always use–the KirbySquare and then a TS404 pulse lead!

I didn’t have time to flesh out the groove section quite as much as I would have liked–I would have extended it some more, and given it its own chord progression just like the (unreleased) album version of Shooting Star, but oh well.  Instead we close things out with one last repetition of the chorus.

Yeah, definitely a good one this time around. :)

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