Feels like I’ve been eating more lately, or at least snacking more.  Eating with cc was one of the first times in a while I can remember finishing a medium-portioned restaurant meal properly….actually, scratch that, there was that time when I went to maruichi ramen with parents and ordered kaedama and I don’t know whyyyyy I did that, but it was pretty awesome and I actually finished.  Whoo.

But, anyways, feels like my homecooked meals have been getting…well, actually the amount of rice itself isn’t really changing, but I seem to be including all sorts of snacks with my meal…chips, pudding, cake, cookies, ice cream…some of which of course is unhealthy but hey hey I’ll take all the calories I can get!  This is probably partly because I’ve settled down into a nice routine of watching anime while eating (not a bad thing), and also partly because I tend to schedule meals before naps and sleeptime so I sort of welcome the food coma.

I think I’ve also started using siracha sauce with like, every meal, hahaha.  yeah…


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