Using ChucK as a sequencing and arrangement tool is like using the side of a pair of scissors as a hammer.  Yeah, you =can=…but…there’s no reason you would ever have to, or want to.

I’m looking at our next assignment and…it’s not doing much to help my rolling-eyes-at-CCRMA-people ego problem.  We’re supposed to record a bunch of different sounds (okay), then use ChucK to:

-process and transform the sounds
-arrange/compose something

Now, initially I took issue with the second one, as there’s no way I’m ever going to arrange something in ChucK that can match what I can do with a proper sequencer.  Yes, theoretically, it’s possible, but I can make like 7 minutes of music in FL over 1 hour, and programming stuff by hand is just not going to match that, unless you abuse repetition and randomization, or just make nonsense ambient stuff.

So I started trying to write up a message to the prof saying I was thinking about just using ChucK to mangle/transform/edit the sounds, and then sequence something using a different DAW.  I mean, even ModPlug Tracker would be an order of magnitude better than ChucK.  Actually, even using LSDJ would let me work faster than ChucK, and that runs on a =Game Boy=.

Anyways, that’s all fine and whatever.  The sad part is that I realized as I was writing this message, that ChucK isn’t even good at transforming and editing the sounds…I’m looking over all the built-in effects and such that are part of the language standard, and the ones that do exist are totally subpar–the echo effect in ChucK, for example, only gives you one simple echo, whereas if you load up a delay bank in FL, you get feedback, stereo separation, stereo offset, filtering of the echo, multiple echo lines, … And then you look at all the stuff I can do with FX plugins, like chop up samples, retrigger them, reverse them, vocode them, sample&hold filters, etc etc and it’s actually kind of depressing.  Why would I ever do audio processing with such a subpar tool?  Even if you say that ChucK can do fancy algorithmic stuff with formulas and whatnot, that’s something that FL can do too–you can enter equations like sin(exp(time)) or whatever and use them as automation controllers.  gah!

So, I don’t even know what the language is good for anymore.  Also, the assignment operator goes backward.

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