Greatness should be appreciated, but what happens if everyone who experienced it is gone? The humble and quiet end to something amazing is not forgotten, but not celebrated. Was it a great person? A great civilization? Tonight’s theme is “What once was great is now gone.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Rise_and_Demise(OHC171).mp3

Yeah, so this time the theme came out and I was like UHHHHhhhhhhhhhh wtf.  So I loaded up a random VST and one of the first sounds was that weird chiptune thudbass thing and my mind was like METROID so that’s what I ran with.  I had the vision for the part at 0:54 pretty early on, and once I had that down I could tell yeah, we were going somewhere.

The part at 4:30 is done using tb_grumblebum to get that metroid “squeeee” effect, and then there’s a bunch of beepmap adding to the chaos so it’s reallllyyy triipppy.  Then we go back to the beginning theme, only this time in minor >:D, and with a really ominous pad texture from Alchemy.

Then I knew exactly what I had to do–samplereduced drums.  So that was pretty sweet.  The next section has sine blip that’s using dblue glitch to do reverses every other measure, which is really cool.

Yeah so I ended up getting a song that’s like 8:50 in length, which isn’t even what I was going for in the beginning.  So that was…uh, wow, impressive.  Granted, it’s pretty repetitive and all, but wow, it’s still just really crazy.  Definitely my longest entry so far.  And definitely serves as sort of an epic story/narrative-type song.


starla also submitted something this week, which is AWESOME, so I’m voting for it three times.

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