Whenever I thought about the question “would you rather lose your sight or your hearing?”, I used to be really tempted to just answer hearing, because I need my sight to do a lot of important things, including playing video games (except for those super-rare ones that don’t actually involve sight! ;P), and yes, though I knew I would be sacrificing music, I’d also be able to avoid the “noisiness” of the world, and of other people, and to me that was actually a plus.

Now that I actually think about it, it’s definitely not nearly that clear.  Besides the fact that music is awesome, you also have to keep in mind the fact that MY music is awesome…producing electronic is actually one of my most premier hobbies, which is saying QUITE a lot considering the number of hobbies that I have.  It’s “premier” in that I’ve been doing it for a long time, I really like it and enjoy it, I’m really good at it, it comes easily to me, I’m recognized for it, and heck, I’ve even made some money off of it.  If I really had to, it might not be bad to make a living off of it.  Though to be honest, there are probably easier ways to make a living.

Of course, it would make even more sense for me to lose my voice than either of hearing or sight, but for me that wouldn’t be nearly as comparable of a loss (think about how often I actually use my voice, relatively).  It’d be kind of cool to be a mute who makes awesome music and dances and plays video games and blogs and all that, though, don’t you think?

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  1. uru_n_imi

    I recall that there are deaf people who feel the vibrations of music, so it’s still possible to make music when deaf, though it’s not the same.Regarding being mute, just wondering, do you not like talking with people? I actually prefer written communication to spoken, but then I love to sing so I wouldn’t want to lose my voice (even though I’m not satisfied with the way I sound).

  2. DDRKirbyISQ

    @uru_n_imi – Yeah. I mean, even minus the vibrations thing, I’d still be able to make music–I’ve done “deaf mixing” before, which is interesting.I wouldn’t go so far as to say I =don’t like= talking with people…I just don’t do it quite as much and don’t feel the need to be very vocal. My guess is that I’d probably lament the loss of voice more after the fact (when I realize how much I -actually- use it)…but I think not being able to talk with people is something that, at the very least, doesn’t seem very impossible to me.

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