I’m sitting here at 3:30AM and really not feeling like not doing anything.  I wouldn’t say I’m really burned out per se, more like I just feel like I’ve “done enough awesome” for today.  Sorry Wushu kids, I know I’m giving you the cold shoulder here but to be honest, you had it coming and more importantly, I don’t regret it at all because instead of getting wrapped up in =that= mess, I created an amazing waltz song that I have dreams of premiering at a dance event in the near future.

It felt really good this time because this was one of those really rare cases when I had a musical idea in mind–a melody, progression, and everything in mind, even, since this was a remix–and when I got down to it, it actually =worked=.  Normally I really struggle to put out things when I have preconceived ideas, and for a few minutes it was looking like that was how this was going to be too…I had only added a couple of elements, and it really didn’t seem to be clicking.  But then I kept going anyways and after I got my lead, drums, bass, pad, second bass, and arp, it all fit together and I was like “hooohhhhh boy, we’ve got ourselves a good one.”

That sort of magical “yes!” moment is a really satisfying thing.  It happens when you’re coding games too–you reach that point where you can see the very first inklings of your actual core gameplay and although it’s not all really there, you can see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it’s very far away you can rest easy because you know it’s there.

With music it’s kind of similar, except it’s much more hit-or-miss for me, because sometimes that “yes!” moment never happens.  Just chalk it up to variations in inspiration or whatever…but not all ideas end up bearing fruit.

So it makes me all the more thankful when they do.

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