My life is so amazing I could almost cry.  I can’t stop listening to this waltz I made last night, except for brief periods to listen to the other songs I’ve finished up recently which are just as awesome but in different ways.  I just came back from Japanese class where I sat next to a nice girl who was a great conversation partner, and I was late to that Japanese class because I was at office hours chatting with my sensei for the first time in a while and having a lively conversation.  Before that I did a 2-step with Kaitlin that was totally =spot-on=.  Before that I had Richard play my waltz to see how it sounded in Roble and it was totally awesome.  Before that was social dance class where he played the source tune for my song while he was teaching redowa.  And yesterday I had friends over for a successfully-cooked lunch, and had chocolate chip cookies (frozen) too.

I’m eating lunch now, and then tonight is another round of OHC.  I don’t know if I’m even going to be able to nap before then because I’m just brimming with awesomeness.  But at some point between now and tomorrow I’ll be finishing up this waltz and making an alternate cross-step version.  And tomorrow is another office hours session with sensei.



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