What does the wind bring? A violent wind can take more than it gives. Perhaps a whisper of the past or the scent of nearby flowers, or a whipping chill. Tonights theme is “Howling Wind.”

My first entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Cave_Wind(OHC167).mp3

My second entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirbyISQ_-_Stay_Inside(OHC167).mp3

My would-be third entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byJC8eHKiMo

Uhm.  Yeah.

So, after OHC last week I thought of the idea that, since I can make music so quickly, I should try and do two totally separate OHC entries within the span of an hour.  I figured it would at least be amusing, if not amazing.

I’ve already got 3 separate ThaSauce accounts: DDRKirby(ISQ), DDRKirbyISQ, and DDRKirby(ISO), and I even made a forth one DDRKirby{ISQ} just in case, so I was all set on that front.


So, first song start!  The theme was wind, so I couldn’t start off with chip or unts; meaning I had to do my usual ambient pad buildup.  I decided to use the chimera “noise synthesizer” that works by filtering noise, since that would naturally be a more “windy” sound.  I combine that with beepmap and an Alchemy pad, and =then= we get our bass and triangle blip.

Then we go into the groove/beat section–this is starting to look a lot like one of my entries from 2010.  Notice that the drums are bitcrushed, and actually consist of two different drum loops layered on top of each other.  More chip, with some nice reverses via dBlue glitch, and then we get….yes, the ever-tasty KirbySquare lead, which plays around with pitch bends and grace notes.  Then we get our drums and bass in full for a bit, then outro with a famitracker triangle; again with some nice pitch slide action–3xOsc makes it so easy and fun!  And that’s it!  Really quite short for a DDRKirby(ISQ) entry…kind of funny to think that this was what I was making with the full hour back in 2010.  Anyways, at this point it was about 6:30, so yeah, definitely time for me to render, submit, and move on to entry #2.


Second song start!  I wanted to start differently somehow than #1, so I thought and tried using my ambient environment vst tb_field (also used in the beginning of The Ecstasy of Life).  You can’t actually notice, but the reverb on it grows, and then it fades away as we get…piano!  So yes, we’re heading in a different direction.  And as soon as I put that piano in there and had the first notes going, that determined the direction of the rest of the song.

Of course, the natural thing to do with that kind of piano melody is to….add chip!  So I add an arp, and then a really cool gated pad that crescendos and decrescendos.  It also has some nice stereo delay and such to widen its sound a bit.  There’s also an NES bass playing underneath here.  The arp fades away and is replaces by a really really sweet triangle whistle lead that should be totally familiar to you now.  Note that I could have kept the arp in, but this way lets the triangle whistle stick out without actually being loud and annoying.  GRACE NOTES!  Grace notes make melodies like this so, so, so much better, so I’ve definitely started doing them all the time.

Then we add in a nice “chime”-type blip along with waves of 8bit noise–matches the theme AND this ambience.

Then with one longer crescendo of the noise, we’re thrown into a 4 on the floor beat and ahhhh ahhhh it’s so beautiful.  That moment when it kicks in, is amazing.  The mix is really nice here.  Again, nothing new from what I’ve done in the past, but it all fits together perfectly.  The sidechained NES bass, the offbeat bass layered under that for “bass fullness”, the drums, and the melodies from before.  Even the 8bit noise is sidechained, which is a really really nice touch.

And from there we just outro.


And at this point I submit and I’ve got one =more= trick up my sleeve.  See I recently released v1.01 of LoopMuse, with .wav output support, so I threw that on and quickly did a 5-minute jam and tried to submit.  Unfortunately I was just a little bit too late (actually I was trying to submit as they were playing my first song) and starla wasn’t there to reopen for late entries (she normally is, which is why I thought I could get it in).  So oh well.  It was a good effort anyways.


So, how did it feel to make 2 different, yet still awesome entries within the span of an hour?  It felt absolutely great.  Granted, sometimes in regular OHCs my songs transition so much that it basically feels like 2 or 3 different songs put together, but still, this is a little bit different.  The only bad parts is that, not only were both entries shorter in length, but you can see they don’t really have as much….”stuff” in them.  There’s no chorus repetition, for instance, because it doesn’t really make as much sense when you don’t have enough of a song to actually have a chorus -> other stuff -> chorus structure.

But I really enjoyed both songs.  The second is obviously much more amazingly beautiful–rivaling Fractale and Shooting Star…to be honest, all three are kind of similar, in a really awesome way.  But the first is cool and fun too.  So yeah, it was awesome.  It might even be something I do again someday…but for now, probably just one entry is better, as it allows me to do more awesome things.

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