Across the world is your goal. You can dream about it, or you can set a plan in motion. Is the hardest part starting the journey? Tonights theme is “The Distance.”

My entry: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/DDRKirby_ISQ__-_Shooting_Star(OHC166).mp3

As starla pointed out, us OHCers just tend to turn everything into space themes…as in, “lonely….IN SPACE!” or “epic battle….IN SPACE!” or “voyage…IN SPACE!”.  So this time naturally the first thing that came to mind was “the distance….TO SPACE!”

So I load up a really deep spacey pad in Alchemy and out comes my good ol sine blip with lots of reverb, playing a riff straight out of the Star Trek intro, haha.  There’s some random chiptune sounds that I’m actually not that happy with, and then we change and get a nice arp as well as a pad progression.

Out comes an oh-so-delicious pulse lead, with beautiful echo.  This is the stuff that I love.  And it gets better, as I drop in pads.

Then we get ANOTHER beautiful melody–this time by a soft, high triangle whistle–notice the vibrato, and of course echo.  It rises up, and up…and then…

We get dropped into the chorus, which brings back some vibes of Fractale, one of my other really beautiful works.  The lead here is actually from tb_peach.  I don’t use tb_peach that much anymore because I just have my custom 3xOsc waveforms, and if I really want something more complicated in terms of NES sounds, I can use that other new NES VST that I got…but tb_peach is still good for certain things–like this specific patch.

There’s really a lot that goes into the chorus, and it’s all really second nature to me because I’ve been doing this for so long…(7 years, in fact, and lots of OHCs over the past 2 years or so).  The drums: there’s a drum loop with the kick filtered out, and replaced with my own overdrived kick (the same one I use everywhere).  There’s 3 basses going on–one is the main triangle bass that’s sidechained to the kick for a nice “pulsing” effect.  Then there’s a low offbeat sub bass that you can’t really hear right away but makes the bass more “full”.  Then there’s a midrange stacatto pulse bass to add some more rhythm and fill out things more.  And of course, the pads are sidechained too.  And it all really just works together very cohesively.  It’s…beautiful.

Anyways, after that we transition into some chippy-sounding drums and start getting some nice groovy elements, with pitch slides!  FL Studio’s piano roll makes pitch slides sooooo easy when you use FL built-in plugins, it’s amazing.  Notice that I overlay a second drum loop on top of the first one, and that the second one is actually bitcrushed for that chiptune sound. :)  Then we go full-on into the groove section (this is SO my style) with a nice solo section that uses the “KirbySquare” lead that I use all the time (starting to get a feel for my style yet?).  The groove section is a little short unfortunately because I didn’t have enough time to keep grooving, but after that we get another repetition of the chorus, and then outro.  We end with a four-note echo that really, really nails in the feeling I’m aiming for and cements the “Shooting Star” idea.

Really, some of my best work here, and you can really see my style shining.  I think Celestial Journey used to be the trademark song of my style, but I think this one represents it even better.

There are some OHCs where things don’t really come together and you kind of feel lame, but then there are others where everything just comes together beautifully and you scream to yourself, “yes, yes, yes!!!”.  This was one of those weeks.

I’m actually planning on reworking this one a little bit and making it even more awesome ^.^


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