Ludum Dare 48

So if you haven’t heard yet, I’m planning on entering the upcoming Ludum Dare.  Which is super exciting!  There’s a bug in the registration form so I haven’t been able to create my LD blog yet but I’ll be sure to link that once I have.

I’ll need to make sure my dev environment and basic engine is set up well…but first I’ll have to choose on a framework.

I’ve got 3 choices that stand out to me now: C++ with SDL, C# with XNA, or…C# with

C++ with SDL is standard and I’ve used it a bunch before.  I’ll want to clean up some of my base code a little bit so my sprite-drawing is a little more feature-ful, but other than that there’s not too much issue with it, and it’s cross-compilable, runs without an installer, and I have so many applications I’ve developed with it that packaging it and porting it is a breeze.

C# with XNA is really fun to develop in because I find C# to be more fun than C++.  It’s really nice to write stuff in a language that feels like the style of C++ combined with the garbage-collection and management of Java (I…don’t like the style of Java, either in code or in apps).  The only problems with XNA are that it requires an installer, and, more importantly, is most decidedly not cross-platform.  There’s MonoXNA and other such projects but they seem to be really immature so I doubt they really work.  I don’t think Wine works either.

C# with is something I should try in the next week or so, because it could -potentially- be the best of both worlds.  But I won’t use it unless I try it and it works well, because I don’t want to go into Ludum Dare with something I’m not familiar with.

Other potential options are…let’s see…PyGame, because it basically seems like SDL but for Python, and python is cool.  But I don’t know my way around PyGame, and I very rarely code in Python, so that’s a no-go.  I could also theoretically use RPGMaker, but that’s windows-only and keep in mind I can’t use any of the pre-made assets, so making an RPG in that style would involve quite a bit of artwork.


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